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Fall 2014 Newsletter

Posted by John Rakush on

What’s new at Hydrobikes LLC

Fall is a time of transition and change. At Funwatercraft, we’re changing too!

Now that the original company is back in control of Hydrobikes, the old Funwatercraft Hydrobikes company is no longer. We’ve reorganized, restructured, and now operate the business as Hydrobikes LLC.

Hydrobikes LLC would like to thank everyone for their business and contributions this season. We are growing quickly and working hard to put dealers in key places to serve our growing Hydrobike community.

As mentioned in our Summer Edition, we have an initiative underway to add dealers local to you to improve your level of service. We’re also offering licensing agreements to country distributors to take Hydrobike Explorer worldwide.

Contact John at 1-888-403-9012, or via email at to receive a dealer info kit and more information. You can also learn more at

Hydrobikes in the News

Tami Reinhart of Emerald Coast Hydrobikes (850-598-7949) She was featured in a 30aTV video clip this last week. See the video here.

Lisa Florczak of Water Bikes of Buffalo (716-681-4643) "Water Bikes of Buffalo offers 10 bikes and a two-passenger unit that can be rented by the hour. Groups, families and single riders are all welcome to go for a ride in the Buffalo River and Union Ship Canal." read more and see video

CBS Minnesota The folks at Chase on the Lake had Jamie and Jason from "WCCO This Morning" on the hydrobikes in this great video. read more and see video

Hydrobikes a Hit in Mexico

New Product Improvements

The 2014 Hydrobike Explorer has new features that offer outstanding advantages over previous models dating back 25 years now.

New Lever Arm AssemblyNew Lever Arm Assembly

For 2014 we have a new drivetrain lever arm assembly that eliminates the original assembly needing a mounting block and 3 clamping bands to fasten the drivetrain lever arm. This is a solid one piece bracket that bolts into existing drivetrain housing holes, with a quick release lever arm that will help to make transport and storage much easier.

Give us a call at 1-888-403-9012 to save 10% in the month of November and December for this upgrade.

Propeller Seal 'Saver'

In the past it was possible for fishing line to wind around the propeller shaft and cut the seals that keep oil in and water out. Seal ‘savers’ prevent that from happening and promise to be an important feature in adding to the longevity of our Hydrobike drivetrains.




Fall is a good time to check for leakage around your propeller shaft. Quick attention to leakage can add many years of life to your Hydrobike. Take a look for any signs of leakage.

Call us to add a ‘seal saver’ to protect your investment

If your seals need replacement or you would like to have an extra set just in case, call 1-888-403-9012 to order and we’ll add the new ‘seal saver’ at no extra cost.

Maintenance Tip - Oil Change and Propeller Leakage

As you prepare for the upcoming winter, please keep in mind that this time of year is a good time to change the oil in your Hydrobike drivetrain. While you’re at it, make it a point to check for any signs of leakage from the propeller end.

Annual oil changes and prop seal checks take minutes but will certainly pay back in years of enjoyment and trouble free operation.


Call us at 1-888-403-9012 for your drivetrain oil refill kit, to replace leaky propeller shaft oil seals, or to add a seal ‘saver’ to extend the life of your propeller oil seals and protect your drivetrain. Part installation instructions are included.

Refer to your Owner’s Manual, or the diagram below for your oil change.

propeller and propeller shaft

Your Suggestions

We need them! We want to improve to make your Hydrobike experience better. I’m certain that many in our Hydrobike community have ideas we’ve never dreamed of.

Please feel free to write with your ideas on ways you feel we can improve our product, our service, or our sales reach. We want to enlighten everyone on the planet about the real biking on water benefits of Hydrobikes.

What's on Sale

10% off during November and December: Hydrobike custom fit covers, rod holders, and Revla Seats

Revla Seat  Fishing Rod Holder  Hydrobike Cover

USA Dealer Network

Congratulations to our latest Dealer, Tami Reinhart in Santa Rosa Beach Florida!

Contact Tami at 850-598-7949, or visit her website at

Find a new dealer in your area, or view the list of new country distributors internationally.

*For information on becoming a dealer and the first to promote Hydrobikes in your area, please contact John at 1-888-403-9012, or via email at

*For parts, Hydrobike purchases, accessories, or for answers to your Hydrobike questions please contact John at 1-888-403-9012.

Be sure to visit our website at , and our Hydrobike Facebook Page to keep up on the latest and share all that is Hydrobikes with those in your social network.

Until next time, from all of us here at Hydrobikes LLC, have a happy Hydrobike day!

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