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Summer 2014 Newsletter

Posted by John Rakush on

What’s new at Hydrobikes Inc

Lots! We are pleased to announce that we took over full production and control of our flagship product Hydrobike Explorer last season. After partnering with Shoremaster Inc for many years to assist in production, we are now 100% in control of all facets of the operation.

With our new factory running up to speed in Humboldt, Iowa, CEO and Hydrobike inventor Ray Buresch is pleased and excited about Hydrobike possibilities going forward.

To that end, we are pleased to announce a 2014 initiative to place dealers in key market areas across the US and offer licensing agreements to country distributors to take Hydrobike Explorer worldwide. Call us at 1-888-403-9012 to learn more about the dealer nearest you, or visit

Since our beginning in 1990 we have managed to place Hydrobikes in 70 countries. Our domestic and international dealer network is growing quickly and our goal is to make Hydrobikes synonymous with fun and fitness on the water worldwide.

Hydrobikes in the News

Compliments of East Tennessee Dealer John Marquis.

"A new kind of watercraft is available here in East Tennessee just in time for summer. Hydrobikes are an option for slow paced recreation or high intensity fitness."

read more and see video

New Product Improvements

The 2014 Hydrobike Explorer has new features that offer outstanding advantages over previous models dating back 25 years now.

Split Rear Hub

We have eliminated the drivetrain pivot point stiffness with a new split rear hub enabling you to adjust the tension when raising or lowering of the drivetrain becomes too stiff or too loose.

*Tip for all of you with the old style frame.

If the drivetrain seems a little (or a lot) stiff to move up and down with the drivetrain lever, a drop or two of oil at the friction lock area is in order. This is a regular lubrication point to prevent stiffness at this pivot point.

The friction lock is the grey - black rubber like bushing whose purpose is to hold the drivetrain unit firmly into the Hydrobike frame. It has 4 silver screws around it.

It’s important to lubricate at the point illustrated below.

Oil Drivetrain on Hydrobike

After adding your Hydrobike chain oil to the location above, work the drivetrain up and down by hand (not with the lever arm) full travel in both directions to allow the oil to seep in between the friction lock and the rear hub of the frame. In a few seconds, you should feel the stiffness subside. If resistance persists, continue oiling and working up and down until resistance subsides.

New Lever Arm Assembly

New Lever Arm Assembly

For 2014 we have new drivetrain lever arm assembly that eliminates the original assembly needing a mounting block and 3 clamping bands to fasten the drivetrain lever arm. This is a solid one piece bracket that bolts into existing drivetrain housing holes, with a quick release lever arm that will help to make transport and storage much easier.


Exciting New Product Line - The Angler

Our new Hydrobike Angler Edition is the answer for the fisherman or those wanting to take a buddy along while Hydrobiking. With larger deck space, truer tracking, added stability with 600 lbs of flotation, our rugged new Angler will surely make an impact in the small fishing boat market and many others.

Hydrobike Angler

Man sitting on Hydrobike in bay

Hydrobike Angler Great for toting the kids or family pet along too!

To upgrade your Explorer 1 to the Angler contact John at 1-888-403-9012 to learn more or place an order.

* A special thanks goes out to our Sales Rep in the New Orleans Louisiana area, Roy Bordes for his hard work and testing instrumental in bringing the Hydrobike Angler Edition to fruition.

New Dealer Showcase

We have welcomed close to 20 new dealers to our Hydrobike Team since January.

This is Robin and Robert from Charleston South Carolina. For hydrobikes in the Charleston SC area please contact Robin or Robert at 1-843-834-4123 or visit them at

Woman having fun on a Hydrobike

Thumbs up on a Hydrobikes.

To find a new dealer in your area, or view the list of new country distributors internationally click here.

*For information on becoming a dealer and the first to promote Hydrobikes in your area, please contact John at 1-888-403-9012, or via email at

*For parts, Hydrobike purchases, accessories, or for answers to your Hydrobike questions please contact John at 1-888-403-9012.

Be sure to visit our website at , and our Hydrobike Facebook Page to keep up on the latest and share all that is Hydrobikes with those in your social network.

Until next time, from all of us here at Hydrobikes Inc, have a happy Hydrobike day!

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