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Winter 2015 Newsletter

Posted by John Rakush on

*Inside this edition: cool new products, earning money with your Hydrobike.

What’s Happening at Hydrobikes

2014 was an outstanding year for us here at Hydrobikes. We welcomed 18 dealers into our Hydrobike family to better serve our growing Hydrobike community.

Hydrobike Inventor, and CEO Ray Buresch (on the right below) was in the Tampa area recently to welcome our latest dealer Bob Thayer into the fold. Bob has many years experience with Hydrobikes. You can contact him at 309-224-8244.

Ray Buresch and Bob Thayer

To find the dealer nearest you visit our Hydrobike dealer page, or call us at 1-888-403-9012.

*For information on becoming a dealer in your area please contact John at 1-888-403-9012, or via email at

Expansion of our international distribution is in progress with as many as 5 new countries pending. As we continue to raise awareness here at home and around the globe, we get closer to our goal of making the Hydrobike brand synonymous with fun and fitness on the water.

In 2015, we'll launch initiatives for you to participate in our growth and earn cash rewards in the process. Details are below.

Our new and improved Hydrobike just keeps getting better. We are looking at adding a new color this year, and a few new accessories that are sure to please. Stay tuned for the possible addition of new product lines as well.

Hydrobikes in the News

Welcome to Dan and Amanda Fleischbein who recently formed Tampa Bay Water Bike Company. Dan and Amanda also made the cover of Creative Loafing Tampa. They have set up an outstanding rental operation from their very cool custom built boat in Tampa.

Dan and Amanda Fleischbein

You can learn more about Tampa Bay Water Bike Company at or by contacting them directly at 813-465-8025.

Congratulations Dan and Amanda!

Hydrobikes Provide the Thrill of a Lifetime!

Bob Talley of Florida is blind. Thanks to Hydrobikes, he has been able to experience bike riding for the first time in his life.

Bob Talley

Hydrobikes and the lives they've enriched have been the source of many feel good stories over the years. Please feel free to share any of your own Hydrobike experiences. We would love to hear them.

Make Money From Your Hydrobike

Hydrobikes are a unique and innovative water bike. Millions of people worldwide are unaware of the Hydrobike fun and fitness benefits. You can help us change that and be rewarded in the process. There is likely someone in your area who would love to take your bike out for a spin!

Enter Spinlister. Make a monthly income by renting out your bike on Spinlister. You have complete control over who rents it, when, and for how long. It can be for an hour here and there, for a day, or a week. Learn more

Hydrobike Owners: Earn $100 For Your Referrals & Demos

It's easy. Hydrobike owners can send interested parties our way and earn $100 for each successful referral. Make sure they mention your name. To make it easier for you, contact John at 1-888-403-9012, or via email at for a set of custom referral cards.

Similarly, we'll pay you $100 if you allow us to send someone nearby to visit you for a test ride and they end up purchasing. You get rewarded for helping us make the sale. We need your help especially where the nearest dealer is far away. We contact you ahead of time. Upon your permission, we set up the appointment with the interested person at a time convenient for you.

To learn more about this please email with the subject line title 'Sign me up', or give John a call at 1-888-403-9012.

Dealers, Sales Reps Wanted

Join our growing network. Retirees welcome! Be the first in your area to promote Hydrobikes. Hydrobike owners and sales experience preferred.

If your local water sports dealer or rental outlet is not carrying Hydrobikes mentioning our name would be most appreciated. Anyone interested in these opportunities should contact John at 1-888-403-9012, or to learn more.

Help Us Improve

We recognize that those in our Hydrobike community are a diverse and talented group. For all of you with ideas about improving our Hydrobike product, sales & marketing efforts, or reducing our manufacturing costs we would like to hear from you. We pay $100 for suggestions that we implement.

Email with the subject line 'Suggestion for Hydrobikes' or call John at 1-888-403-9012.

Special Exclusive Offers For January

Non published and only to those on our list and their families.

Hydrobikes at $250 off our published price. All 2 Hydrobike purchasers will also receive a Fitbit Flex activity tracker in your choice of color.

New Products

LED Hydrobike Lighting system

Light up your Hydrobike night with our new Hydrobike LED lighting system.

Enjoy evening moonlit rides. The lights attract fish for those of you who like to go for the big ones!

Rental outlets: Extend your hours and expand your business to include night tours and more.

These high quality lights are really cool!

Nocqua Color LED Light System With Battery & Charger: Regular price $399.00, January special 349.00.

Zayak Snorkeling

Zayak Snorking

Zayak Snorkeling: The Zayak® Sea Sled resolves ALL THE ISSUES that people have regarding snorkeling. They no longer need to use a leaky mask, or have a 'death-grip' on a mouthpiece. They can now float above-the-water on a comfortable, ergonomically designed flotation platform while using a 'dry mask' and a 'wide-angle panoramic' window to view the 'Creatures and Features' below. Great for rentals or personal use.

Regular price $375.00, January special 325.00

To Contact Us

*For parts, Hydrobike purchases, accessories, custom referral cards, or for answers to your Hydrobike questions please contact John at 1-888-403-9012, or email

Be sure to visit our website at and our Hydrobike Facebook Page to keep up on the latest and share all that is Hydrobikes with those in your social network.

Until next time, from all of us here at Hydrobikes have a happy Hydrobike day!

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