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Spring 2016 Newsletter

Posted by John Rakush on

What's New at Hydrobikes Inc.

For 2016 we have launched new products that have already attracted sales. See the additions to our lineup below. We are now offering Hydrobikes in custom colors for those groups wanting to keep in line with your brand image, or those wanting to stand out in a crowd!

This year is shaping up to be our best ever. February sales are up 300% over last year, with March sales soaring 500% over 2015 numbers. The Hydrobike brand is being recognized and sought after worldwide. As a result, a queue is forming. To enjoy Hydrobikes this summer please contact us today at 1-888-403-9012 to avoid disappointment.

We've come a long way since our beginnings a quarter century ago. We now have Hydrobikes in 73 countries, an expanding dealer network across the US and Canada, and growing international distribution. Despite our growth, we feel Hydrobikes continue to be the best kept secret in Eco friendly water recreation. Almost daily we take calls from across the US and points beyond from those who are just finding out about our water bikes. There is much room for us to grow!

We are motivated more than ever to ensure that all those who want to experience our real biking on water experience have every opportunity. Please contact us for opportunities to join us and share the Hydrobike benefits with all those in your circles.

A Hydrobike Human Story of Courage, Hope, and Inspiration: Matthew Thomas

Our relationship with Matthew Thomas is special because the Hydrobike has been so important in his life. He has become our greatest spokesperson. Matthew is a warrior and an inspiration to all.

With his permission, we'd like to share a piece of Matthew's journey.

Three years prior to Matthew's first encounter with a Hydrobike he was a promising high school athlete who ran a 4.5 second 40-yard-dash. His athleticism led to scholarship offer to play football at Brigham Young University. That's Matthew, number 73 in the front row. His teammate number 32 Jamal Anderson in the back row became a sensational running back for the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL.

Matthew's Football Photo

Matthew was a very active, athletic guy. He played baseball, basketball, golf, and he surfed, and skateboarded.

Everything changed when Matthew hitched a ride with a friend who was driving under the influence, and the two ended up in a terrible car accident. Matthew sustained serious brain damage and remained in a coma for three months after the accident.

Doctors gave him less than a 5 percent chance to live and said that he may never come out of the coma. If he did, chances for any type of recovery was very poor. Matthew's strength and faith in God started what many would call a miracle.

Matthew in a ComaMatthew in Wheelchair

After 16 days at Westlake Hospital, Matthew was transferred to Northridge Hospital Medical Center. There, he emerged from the coma and underwent 12 months of intensive therapy as part of the brain injury day treatment program at the TGI Care House. (“Thank God I Care”)

Matthew at TGI CARE head injury center

Matthew on the mend above

Matthew relearned how to walk, read, write, and talk. Buttoning a shirt was a challenge he recalls. It took 2 years to be able to walk by himself, and about a year before he could put a sentence together. He moved to Newport Beach California in 1992 where he first met Jim Roue and his Hydrobike. After “letting” Matthew clean his Hydrobike for a few months, Jim Roue gave him several Hydrobikes to take care of.

Bottom of HydrobikeBottom of Hydrobike

Matthew says; "Hydrobikes were an enormous blessing to me. Taking care of the Hydrobikes was my job. It was something I was doing on my own, giving me confidence and the feeling of independence.

The Hydrobikes were a huge benefit with my global brain damage, giving me another reason to set my goals even higher for a better recovery. It was a huge accomplishment towards my independence, balance, time management, memory, fine motor skills, speech, following instructions, stamina, along with improving the injured areas in the brain to make compensations easier in my hands, wrists, arms, legs, knees, feet, and ankles.

Working with, and riding the Hydrobike was helping me with all my injured lobes to be able to recognize awareness of nature, riding with friends, talking, balance issues, and more. The Hydrobikes also played a massive part with my multi-tasking, from cleaning, to riding, to docking, and now assembling them for others to ride."

Matthew remains partially paralyzed on the left side of his body, making stability and some basic motor skills difficult. The Hydrobike’s sturdy and stable platform allows him to enjoy independence on the water without having to worry about keeping his balance. His balance, motor skills, and confidence level built dramatically through his experience with Hydrobikes over the years.

Matthew's Historic World Record Hydrobike Ride

Fast forward to Sept. 11, 2011. Matthew set out from Catalina Island to attempt the 28-mile crossing to Long Beach. It took him seven hours and 15 minutes to complete the crossing. He became the first person ever to complete the journey aboard a Hydrobike.

"I was about a mile out from the island having a few doubts about the trip when I saw a dolphin jump up about 20 feet from me and then 20 seconds later I looked down and there he was, the dolphin stopped and looked up at me and kept going. That was the sign for me to keep going. When I saw that, I just knew I was going to get through this with God’s grace. Always with God’s grace." Today, Matthew believes it was that grace that got him through the crossing, the car crash, the coma, and every day since.

You can see a short video of Matthew's historic voyage here.

Matthew on a Hydrobike

Positive Matters

Matthew has a strong faith, and he passes that on to others. He started an organization called Positive Matters as a platform to show how through God's mercy and grace, and how putting one's ability in disability can be a fun experience in a not so fun time. He demonstrates how all the disabled can use Hydrobikes to their advantage.

"I want to share the freedom it gives a person who cannot ride a bicycle on land the amazing feeling of riding a Hydrobike on the water. Everyone notices your disability on land. No one notices it on a Hydrobike as your pedaling on the water and experiencing the feeling of real freedom as your gliding on the water. This freedom is something that many disabled people feel they will never have otherwise."

Words of Support From the Hydrobike Inventor

"I have to give special thanks to Ray Buresch, the Hydrobike inventor, " Matthew says. "Ray contacted me over 20 years ago and inspired me further with his words of support and his friendship. Ray wrote to me; "Matthew, your story is truly inspiring. It exemplifies that 'anything is possible' if you believe in yourself and put your life in God’s hands! I am a witness to your self-motivated recovery.

In your initial telephone call into Hydrobikes, Inc. back in '93 I could hardly understand you. Your speech was so slow and slurred. But, it’s a call that has lasted more than 20 years. As I got to know you it was evident that the Hydrobike was becoming an important factor in your life. You have more than proven it has rehabilitation potential for many, many others with serious injuries and challenging disabilities. The Hydrobike is a physically active way to access the therapeutic power of being on the water much less being able to travel and socialize in a unique way safely and under your own power.

You have been a wonderful spokesman for Hydrobikes. I like to think I made the bike possible, but most significantly you had the will, and took the initiative to do what you’ve done with it. That makes me feel very good. Here’s to many more years of working with you to make your success known to many more across the country so they too can benefit as you have. That’s my goal and I know it’s yours also.

Good Luck!" Blessings – Ray

"May Peace be with you Matthew!" The Team at Hydrobikes Inc.

Matthew and Rob on hydrobikes

Matthew (front) and his good buddy Rob

Getting Your Hydrobike Ready for the Season

Hydrobikes are built commercially tough and built to last for many years. Many 20+ year old models are still providing a unique biking on water experience. Three things will help you get the most out of your Hydrobike investment:

  1. Change the Oil in Your Drivetrain
    This should be done annually to keep your drivetrain running well for years. The link below will take you to a copy of our Hydrobike Owner's Manual. It describes the oil change procedure.

  2. Check for Signs of Oil Leaking From Your Propeller End
    The older Hydrobikes were prone to fishing line getting wound around the propeller shaft and 'cutting' the oil seals. This has now been eliminated. If you see any signs of seepage, or oil leaking from the prop area you need to inspect the seals and replace them if necessary.

    We have oil change kits and prop seal kits available if you need them. Call us at 1-888-403-9012. You can see our parts list at the following link: Hydrobike Parts

  3. Keep it Covered!
    Custom fit, durable and designed to keep your Hydrobike looking great for years to come. Save $20 until the end of the month. Call us at 1-888-403-9012 to order.

    Hydrobike Cover

Our New and Improved Hydrobike

Our current Hydrobikes have features that offer outstanding advantages over previous models built before mid 2014:

  1. Split Rear Hub
    We have eliminated the drivetrain pivot point stiffness issue with a new split rear hub enabling you to adjust the tension at the pivot point.
    Split Rear Hub

  2. Quick Release Lever Arm
    We did away with the old method of a mounting block and 3 clamping bands to hold the lever arm in place. We now have a flush fitting bracket bolted directly to the drivetrain. The new quick release lever arm has spring loaded buttons so it snaps in place easily. Similarly it can be removed quickly making transport and storage easier.
    Quick Release ArmQuick Release Arm

    These new bracket assemblies bolt onto all existing drive units and come with mounting instructions. If you would like to convert to this new method give us a call this month and save $20 off the regular price.

  3. Premium Long Life Internal Drive Chain
    In mid 2014 we went to a premium Japanese internal drive chain for extra long life.

  4. Sealed Internal Bearings
    Replaced open faced bearings with sealed bearings for extra long life and protection from the ravages of moisture.

  5. Rustbuster Chains
    Higher quality external chains with added resistance to corrosion.

  6. Higher Quality Seat Post Clamps
    Heavier duty, with better gripping power.

  7. Seal Savers
    We installed 'seal savers' on the propeller shaft that prevents fishing line from cutting the propeller oil seals.

Save $300 On New Hydrobikes!

For a limited time we are offering you a deep discount on Hydrobikes. Contact us soon to save and to avoid the frustration of lead times as sales heat up and summer fast approaches.

Call John at 1-888-403-9012, or via email at

New Products

The Hydrobike Angler

Our new Hydrobike Angler Edition is the answer for the fisherman or those wanting to take a buddy along while Hydrobiking. With larger deck space, truer tracking, added stability with 600 lbs of flotation, our rugged new Angler will surely make an impact in the small fishing boat and fishing kayak market. The Angler does everything a fishing kayak does and more. We include the front storage console.

  • The side deck seat is optional.
  • Available in all colors.
  • *Save $300 until the end of April.

Angler Hydrobike

The Hydrobike Angler Learn more about the Angler at the following link: Hydrobike Angler Edition

Hydrobike Electric Cruiser

Quiet, clean, Minn Kota electric powered craft that is great for family fun and fishing.

More information on the Electric Cruiser here.

Cruiser Hydrobike

Hydrobike Rescue Saver

For State, Municipal Park Facilities, Fire, and Emergency Departments. Our Rescue Unit can save lives. Learn more about our Ice Rescue Sled and see it in action at the following link: Hydrobike Ice Rescue Sled

Hydrobike Rescue Sled

HydroPal Trailer

Handy, lightweight, and highway ready, our trailer can carry two Hydrobikes, or you can use it to transport canoes, and kayaks. Save $100 when you package it with a new Hydrobike. Learn more about our trailer at the following link: HydroPal Trailer

Hydrobike Trailer Pal

New Dealers

We would like to welcome 4 new dealers into our Hydrobike family:

Portland Oregon: Clarin and John Steiner

PH: 503.516.4595 Visit:

Oxnard California: Art Warschaw

PH: 818-378-9074 Monterey Bay California PH: 831-238-6764

Madera California: National Equipment PH: 559-674-8781

Please be sure to look them up if reside nearby and have an interest in Hydrobikes.

Please go to our dealer list HERE to find the dealer nearest you. If there are no dealers in your area we would like to put one there to serve you. Contact John at 1-888-403-9012 if you have an interest in a Hydrobike dealership or to learn more. Retail outlets preferred. Ask for a free dealer info kit.

New International Distribution

We would like to welcome Khalid Al-Moftah, and Sery Efrimov to our Hydrobike Inc. international family. They will be serving the Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia markets. Please look them up for your middle east Hydrobike purchases.

Rental Opportunities: Be The First In Your Area to Profit!

Austin Waterbikes in Texas

Shot above taken from Austin Waterbikes, in Texas

Hydrobikes are a long time proven profitable rental product. We have many years of experience in working with and helping set up new rental outlets. If you are interested in being the first in your area to offer a unique, and highly appealing Eco-friendly water bike rental operation contact John at 1-888-403-9012 for more information or a free info kit.

Be sure to visit our website at and our Hydrobike Facebook Page to keep up on the latest and share all that is Hydrobikes with those in your social network.

Our Customers And Followers Are Very Important To Our Business

We appreciate the loyalty you have shown over the years. You are an integral part of our success. We welcome your feedback and comments on how we can improve our products and service. We also welcome your Hydrobike stories and pictures. With your permission we'd love to share them here, on our website, and / or in social media venues.

Please feel free to call us at 1-888-403-9012, or write us at

Until next time, from all of us here at Hydrobikes Inc, have a happy Hydrobike day!

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