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Hydrobike Angler

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Hydrobike's Angler was designed to be a fun, recreational, and eco-friendly fishing watercraft. Fishing, Hunting Model Custom Rod Holder Included Floats 600 lbs Sturdy, Stable, and Fast. Plenty of deck space for your gear Bring along a passenger Great for sunbathing



The leg-powered Angler means no paddling, less noise, and more casts per outing. Translation, more fish. The Hydrobike drive was developed 25 years ago. It spins a highly efficient 12" propeller. It is the most advanced, and longstanding commercially tough pedal drive in the industry. It has proven itself on all oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams in 71 countries. To prove it's endurance Steve Anderson rode the bike 1,180 miles for 68 days UP the Mississippi River from the Gulf of Mexico to St. Cloud, Minnesota in 1994. In 2008, 64 year old Bob Barrett of WA commented that he had been riding his Hydrobike across Puget Sound on his journey to work for 7 years logging over 6000 miles.


Economical, Versatile, & Environmentally Sound

Cover Large Distances With Ease. Using the power of your leg muscles coupled with a better than 90% efficient drive system you can cover a lot of miles without breaking a sweat. This is an easy human powered method of traveling on water that burn calories instead of gas! The craft can travel at speeds around 5 mph. With the Angler you can get in and out of places boats can't navigate. It allows you explore waters as shallow as 12". Pedaling your Angler is a very is a very economical way to enjoy your favorite waterway with no pollution, or hazard to aquatic life, or the environment.


Stealth, Peace and Quiet. Therapeutic

The Angler with a fishing rod holder The Angler catches fish! With no motor rumbling and no noisy paddles slicing through the water you'll find the fish before they spot you. Sneak up on wary bass with nary a ripple. You'll be up close even in 12" of water. The peacefulness of the Angler allows for a very calm and relaxing experience. And on those depressing days when the fish aren’t biting, you'll be happy to be enjoying nature in solitude with our Angler. You'll be more focused and in touch with your surroundings. It's downright therapeutic!


Stable, Safe, Sturdy

Safe for two or three riders, our rugged Angler can float 600 lbs. We built our first pontoon molds 25 years ago. Our floats will provide you with decades of flotation. The Angler is unsinkable and virtually impossible to tip. You won't worry about standing or losing your balance as you might in kayaks and canoes. Combined with the best stand-up stability in this class, the Hydrobike Angler can take you from fresh water to the open ocean with confidence. Able to handle 4-foot ocean swells, this type of stability simply can't be accomplished in kayaks or canoes.


Deck Space, Capacity, Storage

Plenty of deck space, along with ample capacity and storage allows for big riders, lots of gear, and a roomy rock solid platform to wrestle the big ones! The Angler gives you more than double the deck space and much more capacity than fishing kayaks. You can even have a partner stretch out on the side deck for some sun time when the fish refuse to bite. The front storage console with a flip up lid provides extra space protected from the elements where you can store more gear, tackle, bait, ice, or extra clothing. You also get 2 mega sized drink holders molded into your storage console.


Ride High and Dry. Comfortable Vantage Point

You sit mounted high and dry on a platform raised above the waterline ... not below it. This gives you a higher vantage point to look at underwater structure when compared to canoes and fishing kayaks. The seating keeps you upright and high above the water level for an optimal line of sight, viewing angles, and comfort. You can stand and fish all day, or fish comfortably from an elevated seating position. You won't need to struggle to get up and down in the Angler. For those with knee or back issues, the Angler is the answer.


The Angler Has Something For Everyone

  • Fun and fitness for everyone from 8-80
  • Rentals for Resorts, Camps, Parks, Hotels, Marinas, Entrepreneurs
  • Couples, kids, pets, ride together
  • Sunbathing
  • Water Taxi
  • Water management & testing groups
  • Dive companies
  • Fisheries research teams
  • Pond management
  • Water, aquatic life, and monitoring markets
  • Rescue
Crew 1-3
Width (hull to hull) 70 inches
Weight 150 lbs.
Capacity 600 lbs.
Length 10 feet
Height 53 Inches
Gear Ratio 8.6:1
Propeller Diameter 12 inches
Hull Draft 9 inches
Drive All steel internals
Hull Seamless,
Frame 17 in. Powder-
Steering Front Rudder
Adjustments Quick-Release


  • Custom Front Mounted Rod Holders
  • Revla Seat and Post
  • Highway Ready Trailer


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