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Spring 2017 Newsletter

Posted by John Rakush on

Although for many across North America winter has been a tad reluctant to let go. Regardless, it's that time of year to dust off your water toys and get ready for another season.

It won't belong before the warm weather is upon us and thoughts and plans turn to summer fun and water recreation activities.

Enter Hydrobikes!  For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, Hydrobikes are built for your family's fun and fitness.  This is eco-friendly, real biking on water that can be enjoyed by everyone in your family from 8-80.  For current owners, spring maintenance is important to keep your Hydrobike serving you well for years to come.

Getting Your Hydrobike Ready for the Season

Five things will help you get the most out of your Hydrobike investment;

1) Change the Oil in Your Drivetrain

Just as you change the oil in your vehicle at regular intervals, you should be doing so annually with your Hydrobike.  This will help keep your drivetrain running smoothly for many years. The illustration below shows the simple procedure.

2) Check for Signs of Oil Leaking From Your Propeller End

Any indication of oil leakage in the propeller means it's time to change the propeller oil seals.  It's a job all customers can handle.  We provide instruction.  The older Hydrobikes were prone to fishing line getting wound around the propeller shaft and 'cutting' the oil seals. This is often the cause of leaky oil seals.  This problem has now been eliminated with a new innovation we call the 'seal saver'.

We have oil change and prop seal kits in stock.  Call us at 1-888-403-9012.

3)  Check And Lubricate Your Chain

Your chain should be lubricated on a regular basis.  It should be cleaned every season as well.  The chain can attract dust causing the links to stiffen, and potentially wear prematurely if not cleaned.  You can purchase a chain cleaning product for this, or you can soak the chain in a degreaser or solvent to clean it.  Wipe it clean, or use a wire brush to loosen any remaining sediment.  Inspect it to ensure that all links move easily and freely at each pin.  If you notice a chain skipping you will usually see it buckle or bunch up on the rear sprocket.  This is caused when links have stiffened preventing them from smoothly meshing and staying in solid contact with the rear sprocket.  A good cleaning and regular lubrication of your chain will prevent this, and keep it functioning for years.  Spring is a good time to inspect your chain.  If you need a new one, or lubricant, give us a call.

4) Give Your Bike a Shine

303 Aerospace Protectant works great at protecting and revitalizing your decks and console.  It will also make your pontoons shine.  Give your pontoons a good cleaning first.  The best way to clean pontoons is with a pressure washer after a spray and light hand scrub with a degreasing agent.  The 303 Aerospace Protectant may cost a couple of dollars more than Armor All, but one bottle lasts the average user a long time.  Customer's have commented on it's effectiveness.  Use it regularly to protect and beautify your Hydrobike surfaces.  You can find it at  

*Be careful though, Hydrobike surfaces can be slippery when wet immediately after treatment.

5) Keep it Covered

Throughout the season try to keep the sun and elements off your Hydrobike wherever possible.  A tarp or cover will do.  A shady tree can help.  We have durable custom fit covers that are designed to keep your Hydrobike looking great for years to come. Save $20 on our covers until the end of the May 15, 2017.

Make Mom Happy!

Mother's Day is close.  There is still time for that special gift if you order in the next few days.  What a unique gift and a wonderful surprise for Mom to open the front door to a brand new Hydrobike.  If this is something that interests you, please contact us now.  Let's get it to Mom on time.  By the way ... seniors love Hydrobikes!

PS: Don't forget Dad's day in June.

Resorts, Camps, Parks, Special Financing Offer

We’ve been enhancing water recreation programs in facilities like yours, creating fun things for your guests to do, and adding a unique and consistent revenue source to your bottom line with Hydrobike rentals since 1990.

Hydrobikes drive attendance, attract visitors, and keep them coming back.  We understand what you need, and we know how to help you implement Hydrobikes for maximum return.  To help make it all happen we offer the following to established US based facilities;

50% Down, The Balance Paid Over 3 Subsequent Equal Monthly Payments On 3 or More Hydrobikes.  This offer is valid until May 20, 2017.

Put Hydrobikes to work as rentals and let them pay off your balance!

A Unique, High Profit, Proven Business For Entrepreneurs

For those of you interested in a fun business with unique appeal, Hydrobikes may be the perfect fit.  A proven rental, we offer many years of experience to help you hit the ground running.  Many established watersport rental outlets have also benefited from the addition of Hydrobikes to their fleet.  We have a National Insurer on board who will cover all new rental startups. 

Take a look at our premier rental operator Austin Water Bikes.  Todd and Ramon are not only very successful at renting Hydrobikes, they are great ambassadors for our product, and always willing to help new entrepreneurs get into the business.
Austin Waterbikes

Be sure to visit to learn more about Todd and Ramon's operation.  Better yet, if you are in Texas be sure to stop in Austin for a test ride and close up view of how they operate. 

Contact John at 1-888-403-9012, or via email at to learn how to get started in a Hydrobike rental business, and be sure to ask for our free Rental Business Infokit.

We'll Custom Build A Hydrobike In Your Favorite Colour
We are now offering Hydrobikes in custom colors for those groups wanting to keep in line with their brand colour theme, or for those wanting to stand out in a crowd!  

Custom Red Color

For $100 per unit extra we'll build a minimum of 4 Hydrobikes in your favorite colour.  Send us the colour code and we'll see what we can do.

How To Transport A Hydrobike For Personal Use

In a car, van, truck, or trailer.  There are many ways to take your Hydrobike along for the ride.  Our custom trailer, the 'Hydropal' as illustrated below is highway ready and able to carry two Hydrobikes wherever you choose to go.

Our Hydrobike breaks down easily making transportation and storage pretty easy.  Car topping is not a problem with roof racks.  The back of a pickup, van, or SUV works as well.  Carrying to the water is a breeze with handy carry straps on the end of each pontoon.

We're in the Movies!

Currently we have 'Blue Crush', the surfer girl movie to our credit.  In 2018 our Hydrobike will appear in a new Jason Statham action / thriller movie called 'Meg'.  The scene with the Hydrobike will be shot in New Zealand.  We also recently appeared in the city of San Diego promotional video.  Great publicity on all fronts for Hydrobikes!

New Products   

The Hydrobike Angler

For the fisher guys and gals; have you been aching to get out on the water and thinking about those tight lines again after a long, dormant winter?

We feel your pain.

Our new Hydrobike Angler Edition is the answer for those looking for a solid small fishing boat.  You can take a buddy or the family pet along too.  With larger deck space, truer tracking, added stability with 600 lbs of flotation, our rugged new Angler will surely make an impact in the small fishing boat and fishing kayak market.  The Angler does everything a fishing kayak does and more.  We include the front storage console.  The side deck seat is optional.  Available in all colors.  *Save $300 until May 10, 2017.


Learn more and view color choices at our Angler page.

BONUS:  When you purchase an Angler, you also receive everything needed to convert your Angler to a Hydrobike Explorer 1.  So you have the versatility and value in owning both ... the Angler, and the standard Hydrobike.  Burn calories instead of gas with either!

*Upgrade your current Hydrobike to our Angler Edition for only 495.00 plus ship cost.

Hydrobike Electric Cruiser

If pedaling on water is not your thing, we now offer the Hydrobike Cruiser.  This is a quiet, clean, Minn Kota electric powered craft that is great for family fun, fishing, and rentals.

Learn more about the Cruiser and see it in action at the following link: Hydrobike Electric Cruiser

Dealers Wanted!
We need more dealers in all US States.  Hydrobikes remain the best kept in secret in water recreation.  As a Hydrobike dealer you can leverage that to your benefit.  You'll also be putting your business name next to the world's leading innovator in pedal powered watercraft, and enjoying the benefits of your alignment with an established & proven brand.  There is a growing worldwide Hydrobike community out there, and we need to build an extensive dealer network to support them.  We need passionate individuals focused on promoting our products and raising awareness in their communities.

Retirees are welcome!  An investment in product is required in exchange for a protected territory.  We also send leads your way.  Join us and grow with us!

Send for our Dealer Info Kit today, or contact John at 1-888-403-9012 to learn more.

We've added several new dealers recently;
Gray Maine Todd Brandi 203-464-2394
Gull Lake Marine - Gull Lake, MI Kevin 269-207-6596
Heavy Metal Sports - Ely, MN Michelle 218-393-1908
Manick Docks - Cook, MN Michelle 218-666-6021
Fish N Style - Savage, MN Matt 612-599-5432
Main Street Lake Cruises - Branson, MO Larry 417-294-2200
Navajo Lake Marina - Navajo Dam, NM Jarrett 505-632-3245

For a dealer near you please go to our Dealer List

Hydrobike Loyalty Rewards Program

Help Us Grow With Your Referrals

Hydrobikes have grown from a small town business in MN over 25 years ago to international distribution and sales in 74 countries.  The good words of our customer's have been instrumental in our success.  We now reward them with $100 checks for their referrals to new purchasers.  It's our way of saying thanks for your loyalty and to give something back for helping us succeed.  Each purchaser of a new Hydrobike will receive a set of custom referral cards that will help you earn rewards through referrals.  So when you purchase a Hydrobike you are also purchasing an opportunity to earn rewards year after year as you enjoy your new water bike.  You can be sure that others on your lake will ask you about your new Hydrobike.  Give them a card and it will do the rest.  Contact John at 1-888-403-9012, or via email at  for a fresh set of custom referral cards when you run out.

Help Us Get Better

We recognize that those in our Hydrobike community are a diverse and talented group.  We appreciate the loyalty you have shown over the years.   You are an integral part of our success.  We welcome your feedback and comments on how we can improve our products and service.  For all of you with ideas about improving our products or business we welcome your thoughts.

Be sure to visit our website at and our Hydrobike Facebook Page to keep up on the latest and share all that is Hydrobikes with those in your network.

Until next time, from our Hydrobike family to yours, have a happy Hydrobike day!


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