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Hydrobike Explorer Air

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Featuring our New Inflatable Pontoons

Hydrobikes have been synonymous with fun & fitness on the water in 70 countries now since our founder invented our pedal powered water bike 25 years ago. Non polluting, easy to ride, lightweight, safe and stable with 400 lbs flotation, Hydrobikes are enjoyed by everyone from 8-80.


  • The exceptional quality of Hydrobikes is evident in every feature. They are geared for high-performance and low maintenance. You will be amazed at how little effort it takes to pedal on a lake, river, or ocean with this water bike.
  • From its stability to its high visibility on the water, the Hydrobike is engineered for a safe, reliable ride.
  • The Hydrobike Air’s inflatable Air Floats are designed for optimum buoyancy, speed, and maneuverability. That means you will have a safe ride even in very choppy water. Hydrobike quality construction - Resists impact, abrasion and tears.
  • The inflatable Air Floats allow for big savings on freight costs and makes it possible to haul a Hydrobike in your SUV or car. Easier storage as well!
  • Stable enough to dive from, the Hydro-bike can also handle rough water conditions, including five foot ocean swells.
  • Fits in most mini-vans and SUV's. One person can assemble and disassemble the Hydrobike in minutes, with out any tools.


  • Fast performance: This is no slow paddle boat. The Hydrobike's computer-designed propulsion system features a 90% efficient propeller which allows you to achieve cruise speeds of 4-6 mph with minimum effort.
  • High-performance: The lower drive train is sealed water-tight, providing protection even in salty seawater. The chain uses environmentally friendly lubricants.
  • Quite performance: The Hydro-bike is engineered for silence. It won't disturb wildlife habitats- or fishing holes.
Hydrobikes have a nice storage place for all your stuff.Built-in Storage 
Stow extra clothes, beverages, and cargo.
There's even a handy cup holder.
Water bike that operates in less than one foot of water.Shallow Water
Operates in less than one foot of water. Automatically pivots up and over obstacles like rocks or sand. Beaches easily without prop or rudder damage.

Width (hull to hull) 42 inches
Width (outside) 55 inches
Weight 105 lbs.
(rider & cargo)
400 lbs.
Length 10 feet
Height 53 Inches
Gear Ratio 8.6:1
Propeller Diameter 12 inches
Propeller Draft
(200 lbs. rider)
18 inches
Hull Draft 9 inches
Hull Inflatable high quality, 20CM, Dropstich Poly
Frame 17 in. Powder-
Steering Front Rudder
Adjustments Quick-Release

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