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Posted by John Rakush on

Andrew Cherry:  My Hydrobike Rental Business Story

"ECO-Venture (Water Bike Rentals), is the product of 6 years of trying to figure out what I wanted the rest of my working life to be like. As a lot of people do, I was going from job to job, pay cheque to pay cheque. Everyday I dreaded going into work for one reason or another. I would drift off in my head during a shift and wonder...”what would it be like to work for myself?”.  The possibilities were endless! Until I came into a bit of money after taxes. I was shopping around for a new “TOY” to fit my adventurous and outdoor lifestyle. I had remembered a very cool bike that I had tried when I was a teenager in the 90’s. Sooo “HEY GOOGLE??!!!” And I found HYDROBIKES!! 

Not only could I purchase one for myself but there was a great opportunity brought to my attention by John Rakush “The Hydrobike Guy”. I could buy a fleet and start a rental business.  I happen to live in Lindsay Ontario, Canada in the Kawartha Lakes. A beautiful Cottage Country packed with lush forests and home to over 100 lakes and bodies of water. As far as I could tell there was NO ONE with these bikes in my town. (PERFECT IDEA!!!)

Every person I have spoken with is Wowed and excited that these bikes are coming to our area.  Anyone coming to the area can Rent A Hydro bike and take it anywhere in Ontario!!!   Rent it for up to 7 DAYS!   These bikes are virtually indestructible, easy to use, ECO- friendly, great way to exercise, romantic way to enjoy your special someone and best of all you can “ECO” Venture anywhere you cannot get to by car. I could go on and on about the benefits of renting these amazing HYDROBIKES, But why don’t you find out for yourself! 

If you ever visit my area give me a shout at 705-879-4574!  We can book your bike and be on your way to your own memorable “ECO-VENTURE with Hydrobike Explorer!”  

Andrew Cherry 


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