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Going Green with the Hydrobike

You CAN alter your carbon footprint.

Whether Kayaking, paddle boating, canoeing, water biking or just being an outdoor enthusiast, you have the ability to make a choice. Be a trend setter with a Hydro bike! What we use to 'entertain' ourselves has a measurable effect on the world around us.

It is almost passé to address the issues of Global Warming, Greenhouse Affect and so on. But the truth of the matter is, we do have choices. Sure there are the obvious options, public transport vs. personal car, biking, etc. What about the carbon footprint we leave when we recreate? Boating & watercraft sports all come at a cost.

going green on a hydrobike

Not just financial but environmental. If we are out to experience nature (you know, that thing we live in but remove ourselves from) why do we embrace loud noise and disruption? It interferes with our ability to commune with our environment, as well as what we seek to observe. To learn more about the effects of Personal Watercraft noise on our environment and discover the Hydrobike Water Bike. Family recreational water excursions to a city lake or a National park are usually motorized.

When someone goes to a cabin, that usually implies a boat, water skis or the like. However, water biking with hydrobikes is a fad that is growing fast. They are relatively light, easily set-up, travel at roughly 6 miles per hour, noiseless, great exercise and do not disturb nature. Hydro bikes are a tangible way to make a difference without sacrifice! They offer a platform for fishing or transporting a picnic! Many National Parks offer Hydro bikes for rental throughout the country.