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Hydrobike Guarantee

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

guarantee iconWe have stood behind the Hydrobikes without a "Formal Guarantee" for the past 25 years selling thousands of Hydrobikes worldwide. Our experience has been that we probably would have to offer a substantial premium to get the owners to return their Hydrobikes. Hydrobike owners love their water bikes and tell their friends and neighbors about it!  See what Hydrobike owners have to say about them!

So why offer a "Guarantee" now after 25 years? Very good question.

  • First -- we want our buyers to know that we stand behind our product - no questions asked -
  • Second -- this our way of openly declaring our faith in our product and trust in our customers.

In the past we've referred our customers to rental locations or to Hydrobike Owners close by for a "demo ride." But in many cases this just doesn't work out so we are offering this guarantee: if you are not satisfied with your purchase we will gladly refund your money providing you comply with the following simple conditions.

This guarantee is for 30 days from the receipt of your Hydrobike water bike.

Save the original packaging. This must be used to ship the Hydrobike back to us. (It cannot be shipped assembled.) The bikes must be returned on the pallets and fastened as they were received.

We will arrange for shipping back to Hydrobikes Inc., but the customer must pay for the ship cost. If the customer wants to arrange their own shipping, that is acceptable and preferred.

The Hydrobike must be in "like new" condition, upon return for full credit.  Hydrobikes Inc. reserves the right to determine the condition and refund amount.