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Fishing with the Hydrobike

Fishermen everywhere are discovering the value of fishing from a hydrobike. The hydrobike is quiet and maneuverable and is a great platform to fish from. It is lightweight and easy to transport to your favorite fishing hole or to get into those hard to reach fishing hot spots. We offer a fishing pole holder to place on the hydrobike to maximize your fishing experience.

Give it a try. And don't forget to take your camera along. Snap us a picture or two and send it along. We'll be happy to post in here on our Fishing Photo Gallery so everyone can see how relaxing and exciting this sport is.


 water biking on the sea


Hydrobike Fishing Testimonial

Dear Mr. Buresch:

You and your company are to be congratulated on the design, construction, and the pleasures you have created by riders of your Hydrobike.

Your product is durable, dependably safe, and has provided excellent service in promoting recreation as well as support in emergency situations. Regarding your ability, in spite of the frequently harsh weather conditions in the Northeast, my Hydrobike is available for service from approximately April 1st to November 1st. I have had fabric cover constructed for it to protect the central bicycle features. Regarding the safety, I have energetically tried to purposely overturn it, while standing on a pontoon, without success. Regarding service, riders have found at times it can be faster than a canoe, make a good raft for diving and swimming back to it, I find it a great friend for fishing in shallow or deep waters. One of the main reasons I keep it ready for service at the lake's edge is I know from experience that I can have it in service, traveling on the water, in shorter time than it would take me prepare a canoe or uncover and start the engine of my motorboat.

In a different form of service, the availability of your 800 number and a prompt shipment of the product, as well as parts for it, is very commendable.

John C. Wheeler, DMD, MD