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Fall 2010 Newsletter

Posted by John Rakush on

Fall is here

For some of you, that just means that that your 101 degree weather turns to a delightful 80 degrees and you continue trolling around the water. For others, it means that it is time to put the HydroBike away and polish up that ice fishing gear. Regardless of your climate, we hope that you were able to have hours of fun on your HydroBike this Summer.

Ray's Maintenance Tip

Speaking of fishing, let’s talk about the dangers of fishing line in your propeller. Fall is a great time to inspect the propeller shaft by looking carefully between the drive housing and the propeller for signs of “fish line” wrapping up on the shaft. The propeller should be removed if necessary to remove any line present. The fish line will eventually destroy the prop seals and allow the oil to either leak out or become contaminated with water. Water inside the drive train can freeze in cold climates and cause damage or corrode internal parts ruining bearings rendering the drive train inoperable over time. This is the most common problem leading up to catastrophic failure, ie, major expense.

So spend a few minutes looking, it could save you a lot of time and money.

Hydrobiker Spotlight: Steve and Judy Magruder

What are they doing cool with their HydroBikes? They are winning 1st place in the Bullhead City Regatta!

Magruder on HydrobikeMagruder on the Hydrobike The Magruders have owned their HydroBikes for about 4 years now. They are California residents who keep their HydroBikes in Laughlin, NV to ride on the Colorado River from Laughlin or Bullhead City, AZ to Big Bend Park. It is about an eight mile ride for the couple and a cooling exercise when the temperatures reach 108 degrees. “We have been stopped a couple of times from the River Police and now they know that we have all the safety equipment and don’t even look twice at us. But you should see the tourists and homeowners along the river. Everybody says ‘I want one!’ or ‘where did you rent that!’. The other comment we hear the most is ‘Let’s see you go up river!’, Which we do to show them that we can.”  

Bullhead City Regatta

Bullhead City Regatta So what is the Regatta exactly? Bullhead City Regatta is an event where people don their life vests, sunscreen and favorite beverage and jump onto their favorite float with the favorite friends and float down the Colorado River. It’s an 11,000 member floating party. The Magruders decided to join the regatta festivities in August. They were originally going to float down the river with the 11,000 other people however, the night prior to the Regatta, they read “No Mechanical Propulsion”. Instead of docking their HydroBikes, they went to the kayak race starting point and were invited to ride in the eleven mile race. Upon crossing the finish line, they were told they took 1st place in the men’s and women’s recreational division. However, to fully disclose the truth, they were the only ones in the men’s and women’s division, but hey, that could all change next year if other HydroBikers join them in the Regatta!

The Magruders are happy to answer any questions about their HydroBiking experience in the Bullhead City River Regatta. Please email and we will get you in contact with them.

Bullhead City Regatta

Bullhead City Regatta

What have you done with your HydroBike?

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