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4051 - Hydrobike Cover

  • $ 249.00
    $ 279.00

Protect your Hydrobike! This waterproof cover comes in royal blue, sleek gray, and hunter green. The draw-string bottom wraps snugly around the floats, protecting your HydroBike from the elements.


Hydrobike Cover Useful Tips:

  • Lower handlebar down to rudder collar’s lowest position.
  • Bungie straps tighten, tie and fasten at the rear of the craft.
  • Have enough slack to have cover go over and down around the front of the pontoons.
  • Be sure cover is snug at handlebar area, around the nose of the pontoons, and covers pontoons almost completely on the sides.
  • Pull tight from rear of craft, adjust, and repeat until cover is secure and ready to be tied down.
  • Pull bungee cord tight as possible, to ensure air cant/wont flow in between and under.