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Hydrobike Electric Cruiser

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The Redesigned Electric Hydrobike was designed to be a fun, recreational, and eco-friendly watercraft. We have made some improvements after receiving feedback from our customers.

  • Shorter and lighter frame - Easier to Transport
  • Eliminated the steering column -More space. Easier to fish
  • Remote control operated.  Forward, left right, accelerate, or slow down with the hand held remote.
  • Grid system allows you to pick and configure your load out.  Motor can be in front or back
  • Added a battery level indicator
  • Easier to convert between cruiser and bike mode.


The Grid System
The Cruiser platformThe grid system allows you to position the seat and battery box any where on the frame.  You can also strap (using 1.5" straps) or bolt any of your accessories such as tackle box, minnow box, cooler, or a second battery box.

Some customers have moved the chair to the far front, the battery box under the chair, and rotate the motor 180 degrees so that the Cruiser will pull you and have lots of room to stretch out.


The electric Hydrobike is based on a dual pontoon platform, used by the HYDROBIKES® company, which has been in production for over twenty five years. This platform is used for their Hydrobike models and is a very stable and indestructible design. 

Picture of the wireless motor, 55lbs thrust.The Electric Cruiser is well suited for freshwater lakes, rivers and inland waterways or saltwater inlets and coastline. It is very stable and easy to operate. It runs on a Group 27 deep cycle marine battery* and will run for several hours (depending on usage). It weights only 156 lbs, so it is easy for two adults to carry.

  • Clean & Quiet
  • Easy Operation, Transport & Storage
  • No Fuel Costs – No Emissions
  • No Engine Maintenance
  • Access to Electric-Only Waterways
  • Great for Rental Fleets and Resorts
  • Great for Lakes, Rivers and More!

Note: "Deep Cycle 12V Marine Battery" Battery not included due to shipping restrictions. We recommend a '12V AGM sealed lead acid deep cycle marine battery, Group 27'.


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