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4200 - Wheel Kit

  • $ 429.00

Add wheels to your Hydrobike or the Angler water bike for easy hand towing! The light-weight aluminum body provides strength, lightness, and will resists rust and corrosion.  

  • No more heavy lifting or help needed from a friend.
  • Reach the water faster from your nearby home, car, camp site, picnic area, or parking lot.
  • The patent pending wheel kit attaches to the Hydro Bike water bike in minutes without the use of tools, drilling or any modifications.
  • Stable two-wheel design for balanced, zero radius turning, and easy towing by hand.
Easy to pull a hydrobike out with the wheel kit
  • Wheels can be quickly removed or re-positioned in 90 degree increments for biking on the water.
  • Wheels can stay on the water bike so you can use them wherever you go, unlike a cart, trailer, or dolly that must be left behind.  
  • Enter and exit the water in different locations with “Leap Frog” capability and make multiple land and water crossings without leaving anything behind or having to return to the original launch point.  
  • Great for moving and storing your water bike when not in use or during off-seasons.  
  • If you transport by car, now you can park where you like and hand-tow your watercycle the rest of the way to the water.
  • No more waiting at crowded boat ramps, launch nearby away from the crowd.
  • Enjoy your Hydrobike water bike more often with your family and friends and improve your watercycling experience.
  • Get the wheel kit today so you can spend more time on the water and less time and effort getting there!

Wheel Kit Instructions

Note: this wheel kit is compatible with both the Angler and the Explorer.

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