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A Hydrobike Rental Business is your unique and outstanding opportunity to profit from an eco-friendly business that appeals to everyone from 8-80. You will be taking cycling off the road and onto the relative safety of the water for excellent profits. Others have been doing the same since 1990. Hydrobikes are now being enjoyed in over 70 countries.

Resorts, Camps, Water Parks, US State & Municipal Parks, Conservation Lands, Kids Camps, YMCA, Hilton & Hyatt Hotels, and many other discerning groups enjoy the biking on water benefits of Hydrobikes.

Be the first in your area to profit from this unique business opportunity.

Lovely Hydrobike girls renting the hydrobikes for the day

What Others Are Saying

"We as you know are the only outside contractors here at Walt Disney World that operate a recreational rental business on property. Our location at the Buena Vista Palace Resort and Spa gives us a great opportunity to present products to guest from all over the world and test product under high usage.

Prior to the Hydro-Bikes arriving we had two Sea-Cycles on property available for guests to rent. The Sea-Cycles had a unique look and guests were very interested to try them but we found them not suitable to our standards and unable to maintain them.

I would personally recommend Hydro-Bikes to any resort or rental operator looking to purchase reliable equipment that will return their investment."

Robert C. Smith Owner/Operator

"I personally believe that the Hydro-Bike Explorer is the most revolutionary concept in cycling since the mountain bike, and would highly recommend it as a very safe and fun watercraft; a wonderful alternative to cycling on busy streets."

Randy Schellenberg, CYCLE TIME Products, Vernon, BC

"I have worked as an engineer at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the past 26 years. I had been looking for a pedal powered water bike for some time and researched the various models that were commercially available and finally decided on the Hydrobike. It is even better than I had imagined!

What an incredible design! Whoever designed this machine thought of every little detail. Everything went together perfectly. It's built to last. It is really fast and easy to handle, just like riding a bike on the water. It was almost effortless.

It handled the rough water with no problem, went into the wind easily and was a pleasure all round to use. One other thing that I had been worried about, was running aground. It was no problem at all; the drive unit just kicks up when you hit bottom.

You can operate it in really shallow water by moving the conveniently located handle attached to the drive unit and trimming the drive unit up until the propeller is barely in the water. The designer thought of everything."

Jim Myers, FL

Business Advantages

  • High net profit with quick return on investment
  • Reliable, low maintenance, long life
  • Unique, instant appeal to all ages
  • National insurer
  • Free consulting

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