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YMCA logoWater Toys! - "Glen King here. We have had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to our 12 Hydro-Bikes we bought last season. We are probably getting 12 more this year or next." They are great for cabin activities! and campers of all ages ... the grandmas at family camp love them too. (So do the plump dads). A great way to be in plain view with a camper on the water, yoked together on a tandem for those important one-on-one camper/counselor chats. They are so fast and stable you can stand on the pontoons for fast access to kids on the lake and the occasional tip over's that camper's have in canoes or kayaks. Our "eyes on the water" staff love them for managing multiple boats on the water at the same time. We can cross the lake faster in these than even a motorized boat if you include the "untie from the dock, prime and start the engine" time of a motorized rowboat! We had parents taking them for rides on opening and closing days ... couldn't keep 'em away!'

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YMCA loves the hydrobike!

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