Hydrobike or Bicycle Boat in the News

We have captured a few articles that other people have written about the Hydrobike (a nicely designed bicycle boat). I have provided the first first lines of the article and then linked to that page. If you have or find any articles about the Hydrobike, please drop us a line at sales@hydrobikes.com

Hydrobike gives biker a new perspective

by Cindy Hval - Down To Earth NW Correspondent

hydrobike, or  bicycle boat, gives a biker a new perspective on the lake "From the meandering Centennial Trail to the breathtaking Route of the Hiawatha, the Inland Northwest features many scenic bike routes for all abilities. But avid cyclist Cory English has recently discovered what she considers the most beautiful place of all to ride - on Twin Lakes, Idaho. That's on the surface of the lake itself, not around or near it, courtesy of her new Hydrobike, an upright pedal-powered bicycle boat designed especially for water use. ..."
(read more at Down To Earth NW)

HydroBike, an Easy Amenity - PDF Format (Page 11)

by Bud Narveson, Woodlawn Resort, 60th season
for Minnesota Resorter - Winter 2008 (Vol. 24 No.1)

picture of the hydrobike on the dock Page 11 - "The HydroBikes have been a great attraction and one of the most frequently used of our water toys. They are easy to pedal, are surprisingly fast, are always ready to go, can be ridden by anyone who can reach the pedals, work well in calm waters or waves, and don't require swim wear or special clothing. So it's not surprising that they are rarely unused for long. And good news for busy resorters..."

Helping the ice out on Little Boy Lake! - PDF Format (Cover)

Photography by Troy Loren, Little Boy Resort
for Minnesota Resorter - Spring 2009 (Vol. 25 No.2)

A beautiful picture of the hydrobike cutting ice on a lake This is not an article, but a great photograph of these bicycle boats being used to break up the ice. The bicycle boat can break up ice at a rate of 3 miles per hour. This awesome picture was take by Troy at Little Boy Resort, Longville, MN.

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