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So you watched the videos and read the water bike testimonials and now want to try them out. There are a couple of ways to get your hands on one. First, you can rent a hydrobike at your local rental location. This is a nice way to causally enjoy the outdoors while deciding which color you would like. The second way is to visit one of our fine Hydrobike Dealers to review and buy a Hydrobike. Select Dealer or Rental and then your country.

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Become a Hydrobike Dealer

We're looking for new dealers in 2014. Many states and key market areas are wide open. This is your opportunity to be the first in your area to offer our unique and innovative water bike.

Come grow with us!

Why Hydrobikes?

As a Hydrobike dealer, you'll be putting your business name next to the world's leading innovator in pedal powered watercraft, and enjoying the benefits of your alignment with an established & proven brand. Since 1990, we’ve managed to place Hydrobikes in 70 countries.

Hydrobike Explorer is synonymous with safe fun and fitness on the water.

Admired for its legendary quality, reliability, and long life, Hydrobikes LLC is poised to grow exponentially in 2014 with new upgraded features, and new product lines. We are focused on building an extensive network of passionate individuals to share the benefits of ‘Real Biking on Water’ in key areas across the US.

The Bottom Line

Hydrobikes LLC is about family and building solid relationships, based on offering great value and following through with the product knowledge and marketing support you need to succeed.

There is a growing worldwide Hydrobike community out there, and we need to build an extensive dealer network to support them.

Join us and grow with us!

It’s easy!

Send for our Dealer Info Kit today, or contact John at 1-888-403-9012 to learn how.

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